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The Veterinary Buyers Group is a community of like-minded, independent Australian veterinary practice owners who, just like you, are keen to gown their business, develop their business skills and build their future. As a member, you can maintain your independence yet still benefit from our negotiated purchasing agreements and discounts, business support and marketing tools, normally only available to much larger corporate veterinary practices.

Join us if you would like to benefit financially, professionally and personally from being a member of the VBG community.


Members of the Veterinary Buyers Group community have access to real savings and discounts from our industry partner that would be difficult or even impossible to acheive as individual practices. 

Together our community is stronger.

Managing the business side may not be your favourite role but it is essential to the success of your practice. We make it easier by sourcing and sharing the best management content and resources with VBG members.

Together our community is more knowledgeable.

To many of us maintaining independence as a practice owne is an important part of who we are, but their are also many benefits from sharing ideas and support amongst like-minded business owners.

Together our community is connected yet independent.

You’ll have access to a range of marketing initiatives that have already been developed, trialled, tweaked and implemented in veterinary practices. Once they have proven successful, they are shared with the VBG community.

Together our community has marketing that works.

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